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Lonely nights

Lonely nights

2018-10-10 23:46:18

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Conferences and Talks

Journal Publications

  1. P.Asimakopoulos, K.D.Papastergiou, T.Thiringer, M.Bongiorno, G.Le Godec, On Vce method: in-situ temperature estimation and aging detection of high-current IGBT modules used in magnet power supplies for particle accelerators

  2. V.Rudolf, K.D.Papastergiou, Financial Analysis of Utility Scale Photovoltaic Plants with Battery Energy Storage

  3. F.Dijkhuizen, W.Hermansson, K.Papastergiou, G.Demetriades, R.Gr├╝nbaum, Dynamic energy storage for smart grids


  1. K.Papastergiou, G.Stamatiou, WO/2013/185825 - Multiline HVDC Station with MMC and CSC Inputs

  2. S.Norrga, A.Marinopoulos, K.Papastergiou, P.Bakas, WO/2013/182230 - Power System and Method of Operating a Power System

  3. K.Papastergiou, G.Stamatiou, D.Giannoccaro, WO/2013/149633 - A Power Converter

Conference papers

  1. P. Asimakopoulos; K. D. Papastergiou; T. Thiringer; M. Bongiorno, Thermal stressing mitigation possibility intended for a DC-current magnet supply based on high power IGBT modules

  2. D. Matejevic; I. Josifovic; K. Papastergiou; G. Le Godec; J. P. Burnet, Thermal behaviour of DC power inductor of 600 kW power supply for particle accelerators

  3. P.Asimakopoulos, K.Papastergiou, T.Thiringer, M.Bongiorno, Current Sharing inside a High Power IGBT Module at the Negative Temperature Coefficient Operating Region

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