Choosing a car seat for your baby

Vicky and I have been looking for a good infant/child seat for little Dimitris now that he started feeling uncomfortable in his BRIO infant seat.

During the search, I found that you can basically go in two ways: buy one-child-seat-fits-all or go for the right seat according to the growth period. In the first case you would have to buy a car seat when the child is between 0-13kgr (approximately 0-12months old) and a second seat when your child has grown to 14-18kgrs (1-4yr). Alternatively you buy one child seat that can do for 0-18kgr (from birth to 4years old).

A second dilemma parents will come across is: rear-facing or front-facing child seat? According to some sources (http://www.rearfacing.co.uk/ and http://www.carseat.se) some Medical Societies recommend rear-facing until the age of 4 years. They claim that chances for a serious damage during an accident are an impressive *5* times higher with front-facing seats.

Infant and child seats start from around 100Euros (Italian brand Chicco and similar) and rise up to 500Euros and more (usually for the Scandinavian brands like Brio,Britax etc).

But are they really so different in terms of the protection they offer. Right, we need a good test. The best I could find online is the Swedish governmental "Plus Test" that is the most strict competition to date. You can read a bit more here (use translate.google.com if needed). Well in Sweden (my other home) they are known for their hysterical love for good statistics. So I trust them.

The Plus Test Results are here. Again use google translator if you need so.

And you can clearly see that the only child seats that passed this test are the BeSafe and the Akta Graco Duoflex Comfort

After a little research I found that Besafe is one of the top-safe child seats in the market. In Greece they are sold by Λητώ where I found it for 420 Euros at our local Xanthi shop (509Euros starting price).

So even though we already have a Brio Infant seat we are now thinking that a 0-18kgr seat with a top-safety is probably a more economic solution than buying two seats each for the right age. Also we decided to go for a rear-facing seat for as long as we can keep the child this way (up to 4 years old). The only seat that I could find satisfying the two criteria (safety + rear-facing with enough leg space) was the Besafe iZi Combi X3 Isofix.

Do you have a different view? please post your comment.


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  1. 1. By Kleopatra on 2010-10-10 09:53:38

    Congratulations for your article. Rearfacing for children till 4 years is spreading out in Greece also. Visit http://anapodakathismata.blogspot.com/

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