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I 've red a couple of books on how to make a child fall asleep... but after all I find most of the advice is rather common sense. I will summarise it in two words: keep them active during the day, calm them down before going to bed...

I have two boys and I must say that both of them are pretty easy to make fall asleep. We normally start the process around 20:00 or 20:30 and by nine they are usually dreaming :) They have gradually asked for less and less sleep during the day. Nikolas who is 20 months old usually sleeps 1 hour in the afternoon, while 3 and a half year old Dimitris rarely sleeps during the day.

But here is a list of what I consider useful to succeed in putting them in bed at night:

- make sure they get tired during the day. Playing outside, going to the swimming pool for example are great activities.
- follow a routine that prepares them for going to bed. Brushing their teeth, read a story and give them a bottle of warm milk is what we do every night.
- if they are two it often helps to split them in two rooms to avoid loosing the concentration...
- turn them around on bed and give them a little massage on the back, they love it...
- to keep them in bed and take their mind from toys and other things I sometimes go through what we 've done, who we 've met and what we 've seen during the day and what will happen the next day after they sleep. You can see them contemplating after that! impressive!
- when not reading a book we put on some music. We play an English CD "bedtime rhymes" which we got as a present. They always fall asleep on track number 6 (mary had a little lamb:). it's magic

that's all. What can go wrong:

- they are too excited to sleep, I let them play another half hour in their room
- they try to get up. I gently pull them down and explain (quite firmly) that it is time to sleep now. Normally, this should not happen if you read an interesting story :)
- they might get up 6:00 next morning because they were not tired enough...

Good luck to all parents, and let me know of your tricks!


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  1. 1. By vasiliki on 2013-01-19 10:57:40

    Dear parent

    your points are really good and practical! But how do you deal with all that when you are so tired you cannot even whisper a word to your child, not to mention to give them a little massage?

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