Konstantinos Papastergiou

Hi, I’m Kostas.

  1. personal note


    I am a Power Electronics Engineer with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics CERN where I am working on powering systems for particle accelerators. Some of my areas of expertise are power converters, magnetics and high voltage DC transmission systems.

    I come from Drama, a place in northern Greece where people work hard, enjoy meeting each other and appreciate having spontaneous moments of fun. This is a place where education is a deep-rooted human value. By the way, I think the way you dance shows a lot about your soul, so my ancestors used to dance like this.

    In the past, I studied (1996-2000) and worked on Crete island, the best place to make friends and taste good mediterranean food. On Crete people dance like this.

    My next station was Edinburgh where I moved with my girl, Vicky. In brave Scotland, I studied at Edinburgh University where I obtained my PhD (2005) in Electrical Engineering.

    During the time in Edinburgh, I met really interesting people and found solid ground to test some innovative ideas. My first steps in the professional arena were made through two start-ups. The first, Turnstone Devices ltd, aimed in developing devices that make people aware of their energy needs. The second one, Mediterannean Host limited, strived to offer innovative internet services to the hospitality sector. Several lessons were learned from these ambitious but short-lived start-ups.

    The first period in Academia ended in 2008 when I finished my Post-Doc on Aerospace Electronics at Nottingham University in England .

    Our next crossroad was the town of Vasteras near Stockholm. During four years in Sweden I became the proud father of two wonderful boys. Sweden is one of the family-friendliest countries I have known. ABB Corporate Research and its people have not only been a fantastic employer for me but also a second family far from home.

    In 2012 we moved to our latest destination, Geneva, Switzerland where we found home in a small wine-producing village in the outskirts of a cosmopolitan canton.

    To my country I owe a lot and hope to give back one day.

    All the best,

    κ π

    Monday, 03th March 2014.

Journal Publications

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Conference papers

  1. P. Asimakopoulos; K. D. Papastergiou; T. Thiringer; M. Bongiorno, Thermal stressing mitigation possibility intended for a DC-current magnet supply based on high power IGBT modules

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I am working for CERN

CERN Y03400, 1211 Geneve, Suisse